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Highest bid
Need some firewood for camping this summer!
$250 / cord
Wanted: 50
Lowest offer
I have some firewood I'd like to get off my hands!
$220 / cord
Available: 100

How BidSquid Helps

View fully transparent local listings

Prices are front and center, so you know exactly what to pay or charge.

Find new customers and suppliers

Find a market for something you previously thought had no value.

Make business decisions

Base your price on supply and demand to attract the attention of the other side of the market.


We offer several different pricing plans, designed to best fit your needs.

For Producers

Producer Plan

Post and manage an unlimited number of listings
Keep track of your clients and their current needs
Notify clients of your new and upcoming supply


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For Organizations

Basic Organization Plan

Your own webpage
List requirements and allow offers to be made and transacted through the platform
Restrict offers to be made by manually approved sellers
Custom branding and logos

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Standard Organization Plan

All features of the basic plan
Custom branded online marketplace system where sellers can list their supply in advance
Notify your approved sellers of new and upcoming requirements
Your own message board system (public + private)

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Enterprise Organization Plan

All features of the basic plan
All features of the standard plan
Access to custom features built by our team

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The Team

David Hachey

CEO, Cofounder

Daniel Strock

Director of Business Development, Cofounder

Andrew MacDonald

CTO, Cofounder