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Buying and Selling is Hard.

The market for local products is very inefficient.

It takes too much time and effort for producers to find buyers, buyers don’t know where to find sellers, and prices are not the result of supply and demand but rather the offshoot of broken business models and voodoo.

There has to be a better way. Walmart has it figured out and they’re eating our lunch.

We’re creating a better way.

We’re creating a true two-sided market where one click will show you all the local buyers AND sellers. You can add a new listing to buy or sell, or interact with an existing listing.

We’re creating an easy-to-use listing service organized so you can compare apples to apples ordered by price. Buyers and sellers deal directly with each other. I know local producers are sick of “telling their story” to make a sale. Making a listing will take seconds. You’ll be contacted if there’s interest in your bid or offer. Easy peasy.

We’re creating a market that will be fun and valuable. Come see at what price people are buying and selling. Make business decisions based on real data.

We’re creating a platform that will be flexible. We’re starting out with a small selection of products. You will ultimately be able to tell us what you’d like to see bought and sold.


You're creating the market. Your bids and offers build the market.

We’re not going to replace farmers’ markets. But the existing solutions doesn’t work for all buyers and sellers. It’s for them that we’re creating BidSquid.